Looking For Local Partners Around The Globe

ForestGrass has been around since 2002 and has helped more than 100 dealers grow their business with artificial turf. We can offer you the quality and diversity of products required by consumers in today’s synthetic turf market.

If you desire a partnership with a strong brand with the skills necessary to succeed then ForestGrass is the right choice for you. We provide training, marketing collateral, customer service and manufacturing support to every one of our dealers. We've been looking for partners to join our brand for a while, anywhere in the world.


    No Franchise Fee

    We do not charge any franchise
    fee when you join.


    Free Samples

    Our partners will receive full set of samples and all the marketing materials with no charge.


    Training Program

    We’ll provide all the information for this business from manufacturing, installing to marketing.


    Business Leads

    We advertise on the major B2B sites in China as well as Google, the business leads will be provided to our partners in that area.


    Marketing Support

    We’ll help our partners on build up their website and put all the contact information on our main site.


    Unify Shop / Website Design

    We will provide all the documents/photos/ design helps for our partners for constructing their shop/website.



    The seasonal promotion program will be provided to all our partners.


    Line of Credit

    To receive the product without down payment at front, we will provide a time period of payment for our partners.


    Market Protection

    Only one partner will be assigned in one area, all business leads or potential clients will be provided to this sole partner.



    All our partners will be serviced by a specialized supporting team for all the service demand needed.

Are you interested in becoming a partner of ForestGrass? Apply now and join our brand!